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What to Expect During Commercial Construction

Commercial construction projects are complicated and consist of multiple processes. From planning through to the execution, everything must be done correctly, without error.

If you’re launching a commercial construction project soon and need some eye-opening tips, you’re in the right place. Here, you’ll learn how the project will go and all the many bits of information and operations that go in between.


There are many steps involved in commercial construction. However, if you cannot get the planning right, there’s every likelihood that you will get nothing else right. Once you have decided on your location, the next thing to do is get an architect or company specializing in designing buildings.


This step involves the architect drawing out a design according to your specification and the size of your location. After the size and design of the project have been agreed on, then you can move forward. There are other sub-steps involved here, including:

  • Construction bidding: This involves hiring a construction company. That way, you can know how much the project would cost you.

  • Programming: This has to do with the space you are working with and how it can be utilized to accommodate your design.

  • Feasibility: Involves knowing what amenities you need and other key site requirements.

  • Contract documents: This refers to the files that contractors use as a guide to executing the building project.


In this stage, the contract owner gives the contractors the go-ahead to commence the groundbreaking. The construction team generally consists of the following:

  • Field Engineer

  • Project manager

  • Health and safety manager

  • Contract administrator

  • Superintendent


This involves systematically sourcing all the physical materials needed for the execution of the project. For these materials to be procured, there has to be an agreement between the contractor or project owner and the seller, referred to as a purchase order. A purchase order is in place to ensure that the materials delivered meet the specifics of the order.


This is where the main work commences, and the design is brought to life. The construction manager and the contractors handle the project from inception to completion.

There will also be a series of evaluations, including Requests for Information (RFIs), technical submittals, and quality control inspections. The evaluations will all be carried out and approved by the project manager, engineers, and architect. This stage comes to an end when the construction has been completed.

Post construction

This is the stage where the project comes to an end. The worksite is cleaned up, and rented equipment is returned. Conducting a post-project review to detect incomplete tasks and analyze difficulties and challenges to derive key pointers for future reference is important.

Do you need commercial contractors?

As you can see, commercial constructions are demanding, requiring legal compliance, technical know-how, and experience to get projects across the finish line with minimal hassle. If you have a project and need the services of commercial contractors in Texas, then look no further than Luxury Commercial Contractors. We will handle the project, building you a space that works for you.


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