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Things to Know When Hiring a Commercial Contractor

Now that you’ve decided to build a new commercial building or renovate the existing one, it’s time to find the right commercial contractor.

The search for a commercial contractor that’s up to the challenge and will deliver a project according to your vision can be daunting. As a leading construction company in Midland, TX, we’re committed to helping you and have come up with some things you need to know when hiring a commercial contractor.

Experience is always better

Experienced contractors know the tricks of the trade and are more likely to actualize your vision. So you want to ensure that the contractor you are hiring has commercial projects experience. More specifically, the ideal contractor must have a background working on similar projects as yours. You can check their website for pictures of past work or ask them directly.

License and insurance indicate standard

You certainly don’t want to hire a contractor who may end up delivering a shoddy, substandard project. Better to err on the side of caution by hiring a contractor with a license to work in your city; one you can be assured of the standard of their job.

In addition, a professional contractor will have valid insurance plans to protect you in the event of accidents and damages on your property. Take steps to verify that their license is valid.

Get multiple bids

Get multiple quotes from at least three contractors. Expect some contractors to bid high while some will underbid. With more than one quote, you’ll be able to compare and contrast their pricing, materials, and quality of work.

One rule of thumb, though, is to throw out the lowest bid. Such contractors often cut corners and make use of substandard materials.

Have a timeline for the project

Timelines vary from one project to the other and depend on several factors, including the size and scope of the project, approvals and permits, delays and setbacks, etc. However, an experienced contractor should be able to give an estimated timeline for the project. With a timeline, you won’t find out later the project will take far longer than you expected.

Get the contract in writing

This cannot be stressed enough. A verbal agreement ends badly, with the client at the receiving end. When signing a contract, go over the fine print carefully.

Take as many days as you need; no need to be in a rush. Ensure that everything you discussed and agreed to with the contractor is in the document.

Following these tips will enable you to get a commercial contractor that will deliver on promises with zero headaches. For an experienced contractor in and around Texas, contact us now.


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