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Process of Going Through a Commercial Space Renovation

Commercial space renovation is a significant undertaking for business and property owners.

Many spend a lot of time mulling over its pros and cons, and when the decision is eventually made, it is imperative that one carefully considers the process involved.

As a result, it's essential to be well informed before delving into such a venture to make the renovation purposeful and less stressful for everyone involved.

As a top commercial construction company in Midland, TX, we’ve shared the key considerations in each stage of renovation.

Read on!

C-of-O review

The first stage of going through a commercial space renovation is carefully checking the certificate of occupancy. This document highlights the legal purpose of the property.

It's important to carefully review this to determine whether your renovation plan works within the laid-out legal parameters.

Obtain the required permits

Legal requirements are crucial in the pre-modeling stage, and getting the necessary permits is essential. With a professional construction company in Midland, TX, the chances are that you won't have to worry about it, as they'll handle it perfectly.

Determine the time and duration of the renovation

Commercial space renovation may be total or partial.

Depending on the plan, you may have to close off a portion or completely shut down the facility while the renovation is ongoing.

Choosing a period that will least affect your business processes is ideal, while phased renovation operations are equally advisable.

Come up with a design

A professional construction company can offer you several designs to choose from, while your own input can tweak it further to suit your commercial purpose better.

Determine your budget

You can't go ahead with the renovation without a set budget, so you should work with the construction company to help you tailor a plan that fits your budget.

Inspection and survey

Depending on your location, a government inspector may be required to have a look at the project while it's ongoing to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

For instance, if you applied for a change in the certificate of occupancy before starting the project, the government officials would survey the building before issuing the C-of-O.

Also, you will have to carry out scheduled inspections throughout the duration of the projects to ensure that the contractor is meeting expectations and is mindful of the project duration.

This is especially important as you want to ensure compliance with local rules to avoid complications and costly lawsuits after the project is done.

A site survey/environmental impact assessment may also be required, as you want to avoid environmental hazards.


After the completion of the above steps, the renovation can fully begin.

This is where you allow the construction company leeway to do their thing and actualize the design plans.

Of course, you'll still have to be present from time to time during the project to ensure that everything is going as planned.

You'll quite naturally need a top-class Midland, TX, commercial construction company to help you through the process, and there's none better than Luxury Commercial Contractors.


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