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Important Things to Know About Renovations

Renovating your building in Midland, Texas, can be a thrilling experience. It’s an opportunity to design a building that matches your style, refresh your space, and make it more practical. 

But with so many things to consider, it can also seem daunting. Here are some important things to know about renovating your building to ensure it goes smoothly and turns out beautifully.

Must-have vs. nice-to-have upgrades

Not all building upgrades are the same. Some are crucial, like updating old electrical wiring or repairing structural issues, because they ensure safety and functionality. 

After you’ve completed these critical tasks, you can consider optional improvements that can make your building more comfortable and attractive or even increase its value. 

For example, high-end countertops might be a luxury, but they can give your kitchen a fancy look and possibly boost your building’s resale value. Focus on what you really need and make a realistic budget to decide how to spend your money wisely.

Picking the perfect contractor

Choosing the right contractor is crucial for a successful building renovation. A good contractor will help you through the entire process, provide high-quality work, and adhere to the agreed-upon deadlines and budget. 

To find the right one, don’t hesitate to ask for references from past clients. Also, ensure to check that the contractor has the proper licenses and insurance. 

It’s also a good idea to get multiple quotes from different contractors before you choose. A trustworthy contractor should be open, easy to talk to, and focused on making your vision for the project come true.

Signing the contract

After finding the perfect contractor, it is important to sign a detailed contract. This contract should list all the work to be done, the materials to be used, the timeline for the project, the payment schedule, and how changes will be handled. 

Read the contract carefully to ensure it meets your expectations and budget. If necessary, ask questions or have a lawyer review it.

Permits and Inspections

In Midland, Texas, you need permits for building construction projects, remodeling, or enlarging buildings. The first step is to submit your project after the plans and construction documents have been examined. 

The Code Administration Division orchestrates the plan review process, which typically involves other Departments such as Engineering, Transportation, Utilities, Fire Marshal, and Health.

After getting your permit, an inspection, a 6-man inspection team reviews the construction at various stages of the project to ensure compliance with the various Codes and State and Federal guidelines. The City of Midland has six inspectors to perform these inspections: two building inspectors, two electrical inspectors, and two plumbing/mechanical inspectors.

Materials and equipment

It’s also essential to decide on the materials, equipment, and design from the beginning, as they will significantly impact the final result. Before choosing the lighting, flooring, and paint, consider factors such as aesthetics, style, suitability, and availability of materials. 

Partner with Luxury Commercial Contractors for a successful renovation project 

Renovating your building in Midland, Texas, can open up many exciting possibilities. However, it requires careful planning. 

From obtaining the necessary permits to selecting materials, Luxury Commercial Contractors can help you navigate the complexities of renovations. We’ll work with you to avoid common mistakes and ensure your renovation project runs smoothly. 

Call us today to get started. 


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