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How Much Office Space Does My Business Need?

Starting a business or looking to expand? One of the most important considerations is how much office space is required to accommodate your business needs. Miscalculating your office space can negatively impact your business - too large business space and you are burdened with high overheads. Less, and you have a cramped space that leads to employee unproductivity. Here are variables to consider to find the right space that sets you up for success.

Office space per employee

The number of employees who will be using the space at any one time is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when figuring out how much office space is required.

A basic rule of thumb is to allocate 175 sq. feet per employee, especially for employees who spend most of their time in the office. Supervisors and other team leaders can have around 250 sq. feet per employee. If you have an open concept office with shared workspaces or have employees like sales personnel who frequently travel, allowing 75 - 100 sq. feet per person is enough.

Future plans

It’s also important to consider future growth and possible expansion when determining the office space your business needs. You shouldn’t rent or build a space that can accommodate only 15 employees when you will have 25 employees in the future. In this case, you can add 10-20% extra square footage to the original plan to accommodate your growing team. On the contrary, if you’re offering a temporary service or are considering promoting a work-from-home policy, you wouldn’t need as much space.


Your company’s culture is pivotal in choosing an ideal office space. How does your company operate? For example, you will need more space if you have regular meetings with all employees. Does your company encourage teamwork and collaboration? You’ll certainly require more common areas. Also, if you plan on incorporating features that promote employee satisfaction and productivity, such as fitness centers and break rooms, into your workplace culture, you’ll need to have spaces for them.


Do you prefer an open-plan work environment that makes it easy for different units to interact and collaborate? Or want employees to have traditional private offices to eliminate distractions and promote privacy and focus? You can also incorporate both with some units working together and a few offices for top-level executives. Your office layout will determine the amount of space your business needs.


With the advent of cloud-based technology, there’s less need for physical storage spaces. However, some companies, such as law and accounting offices, are still largely paper-based and will need more space. Also, you should factor in the kind and sizes of the equipment or facility, such as printers and server rooms, you need for business operations.

By taking these factors into account, you’ll be able to get the perfect space for your business. If you’re in the Midland, TX, area, you can save time and stress by consulting the reliable Midland commercial construction experts at Luxury Commercial Contractors. Contact us today.


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