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House Fire Remodel

Fire damage is pretty prevalent in the United States. According to the National Fire Protection Association, 339,500 home structures were damaged by fire in 2019, which resulted in a $7.8 billion loss in property damage. Fire and the resulting smoke, flame, and soot can wreak havoc on a home. And the fire trucks also add to the damage while putting out the fire, causing further damage.

Fire damage to your home can be traumatizing. But you don't have to go through the recovery process alone. No matter how extensive the damage is, Luxury Enterprise can take charge of the rebuilding process, working with the insurance company to give you back a much better, beautiful home.

#1 Home Fire Remodel Company

Luxury Enterprise is a full-service remodeling company with years of experience, helping families through the challenging experience of a home disaster. We work with insurance companies to restore and remodel homes quickly, professionally, and compassionately. Our restoration crew have the expertise and experience to help you through the whole situation.

We are committed to giving you excellent customer service from start to finish. It doesn't matter where the fire started. Whether it's from the kitchen or the laundry room, we provide all the service you need for the restoration and the remodeling. Licensed, bonded, and insured, we give you the complete rest of mind that your property will be secured quickly and work will commence to give you back your home.

The Luxury Treatment

After the fire is out, we'll work with you to document the details of the fire, including all your damaged possessions, so we can build a strong case for the claim. From there, we'll file a claim with your insurance company.

Once it is approved, our construction and design expert will meet with you to know your plans for the remodeling. Whether you want a like-for-like restoration to hang on to old memories, add a new kitchen, or expand the living room, we'll give you back a place you can call home again.

Our team is available 24/7 to offer compassionate house fire remodel service. We are ready to help you through it all right away. Get a free estimate, and let's get started today.


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