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High End Home Remodels

For many, what comes to mind when they think of high end home remodels is the expensive cost. True, high end remodeling projects are expensive, but the benefits are worth it - luxurious personalized designs, long-lasting quality materials, and unmatched comfort.

High end home remodeling incorporates proper space planning, critical thinking, creative designs, a well-planned construction process, high-quality materials, and expert craftsmanship for the best result possible.

Luxury remodeling brings a high level of comfort, excitement, beauty, and energy. For your high end home remodeling Midland TX, we can give your home a brand new look and features that suit your ideal lifestyle.

High End Remodeling Ideas

Outdoor Living Spaces

For your high end home remodeling Midlands TX, you have to go beyond the ordinary home, which is typically for dwelling.

Incorporating outdoor living spaces offer you fun, excitement, and the opportunity to create beautiful moments with friends and family.

You can go for an outdoor kitchen equipped with a grill, fridge, fire pit, patio table, etc., to connect with family and friends at mealtimes. Have your own pool for quality time, relief from everyday stress, and more. Whatever you want, Luxury Enterprises are masters at creating luxury spaces.

Classy Primary Suite

For high end home remodels, the bedroom cannot be left out. The primary suite should be more than a large plain room; it should be a functional center with many features that maximize relaxation and comfort.

At Luxury Enterprises, we can create you a primary suite suited to your lifestyle and personality.

Envision your dream primary suite, and we’ll make it happen. Do you want heated flooring systems, a fireplace, skylights, gorgeous sinks, vanity areas, waterfall showers? Do you want your primary suite connected to your sauna or the patio? If you can dream it, the team at Luxury Enterprises can make it happen.

Higher Ceilings

Higher ceilings are common features of high end homes, and the reasons aren’t far-fetched. They give that feeling of spaciousness you only get in luxurious places worldwide.

Higher ceilings enable you to incorporate double-floor entryways and don’t require extensive remodeling.

They come in a variety of styles, from arched to coved. For your high end home remodeling Midland TX, your expert team at Luxury Enterprises will utilize their expertise to give your luxury home the mansion feel.

Grand Entryway

When neighbors and guests arrive at your home, what do they see? An abandoned, poorly-lit, cluttered space or a grand entryway that leaves them dumbfounded?

An inspiring entryway is spacious and can incorporate various features such as vaulted ceilings, chandeliers, and beautiful artworks. It can also have a spiral staircase that leads to the upper part of the home.

How Much Do High End Home Remodels Cost?

The cost of high end home remodels is hugely dependent on the complexity of the project. The cost of remodeling your kitchen will be lesser than doing a whole home remodeling. Other factors that influence the cost include location, quality of materials, type and size of the building, number of rooms, etc.

When planning your high end home remodeling Midland TX and the surrounding areas, our team will sit with you for a detailed discussion on your vision, ideas, plans, and process before we begin.

We’ll note down everything you want in your luxury home, down to the hue of the paint and the tiniest specifics. With us, you’ll be fully involved in the process of transforming your home into all you’ve always wanted. Tell us about your project today, and let’s build it.


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