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Common Questions Construction Companies in Midland, TX Have to Answer Daily

Of Texas's $1.9 trillion GDP in 2020, construction contributed 5.3 percent, amounting to $100.9 billion. This stat proves that the construction market in Texas is booming, and there are no signs there'll be any slowing down soon. As a result, construction companies are flocking to Texas; 43,859 firms operated in the state in 2017.

From simple repairs to large-scale building construction, projects are springing up in Texas. As one of the leading construction companies in Midland, Texas, we've had to field questions from clients about their next construction projects. We've taken the time to respond to some of the general questions below to enable you to understand your options:

What are the major types of construction?

The key types of construction are:

  • Residential (single-family homes, duplexes, townhouses, apartments, condos, etc.)

  • Commercial (retail stores, office complexes, skyscrapers, etc.)

  • Industrial (warehouse, power plants, manufacturing facilities, etc.)

  • Infrastructure (Bridges, roads, airports, seaports, etc.)

What is industrial construction?

Industrial construction refers to designing, installing, and maintaining structures such as factories, power plants, warehouses, and other manufacturing facilities.

Industrial projects require a high level of skill, expertise, and very experienced workers. Industrial construction companies usually have skilled architects, engineers, and project managers on their payroll.

While some construction companies can handle all the processes of industrial construction, it is not uncommon to find others specializing in one or two of design, installation, and maintenance.

If you hire various companies for different parts of your project, you or a project manager you hire will have to coordinate their activities. Hiring a single company will leave the responsibility in the hands of the company.

What are the key differences between commercial and residential construction?

Commercial and residential construction differ in 4 key areas:

  • Purpose of the building

Commercial construction is the building of structures intended for business activities and profit-making. It includes the building of stores, hospitals, and shopping centers. On the other hand, residential construction involves building structures people will live in either as owners or tenants. Commercial buildings are usually larger than residential buildings and require more expertise.

  • Construction materials and equipment

Some materials used for residential buildings are also different from commercial buildings. For example, timber frames are often used for residential structures because of their smaller size. Steel, which is a more resilient material than timber, is better suited and used for larger-sized commercial buildings. Commercial buildings also require more sophisticated machinery such as cranes.

  • Codes and permits

While all construction projects must adhere to regulations, commercial construction involves a stricter and higher number of codes in building methods, plumbing, safety, elevators, parking spaces, etc.

  • Cost

Commercial construction gulps more money than residential construction, largely due to renting and operating complex equipment and the cost of materials. Commercial construction also requires more expertise, which is expensive to get.

How much does commercial construction cost per square foot?

The cost of commercial construction differs from one project to another. It depends on the location, the size, and sophistication of the building you want, the local economy, weather conditions, access to construction sites, etc.

Typically, a single-story office building costs between $160 and $170 per square foot. Reach out to a construction company in Midland, TX, to get an estimate of how much your project will cost.

What is the cost of building a 5000 Sq Ft warehouse?

As with any construction project, there are factors that will affect the cost of building a 5000 sq ft warehouse. These factors include the design of the warehouse, the internal configuration, and the type of business you want to do in the warehouse. Per square foot, a warehouse typically $ 7.50. If you're in Midland, it's best to connect with a construction company in Midland, TX, for an accurate figure.


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