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Connect with an Odessa Texas Commercial Builder

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

The construction industry has been a significant source of revenue for Texas since 2016, with over 5 percent contribution to gross state product. In 2017 about 6 percent of jobs in Texas were provided by the construction industry, and the figures have grown over the years.

Commercial construction is gradually taking over the construction industry with the building of business facilities like offices, factories, warehouses, and the like.

There are several similarities between residential construction and commercial construction, but this piece focuses on what sets the commercial building apart from residential construction.

Types of permits and codes required

The types of permits and codes required for commercial construction differed from those needed for residential construction.

Commercial structures are built to have people work or conduct business in them. Hence, it is more concerned with public safety and requires several permits that can be overlooked for residential construction. However, residential constructions also have specific codes and permits.

Building materials used

The building materials used for commercial and residential construction may be similar. However, due to the size and purpose of commercial construction projects, the weight and load-bearing capacities of the construction materials differ between the two types of construction.

That said, ensure to hire a professional builder in Odessa Texas that’ll use the right materials for your commercial project.

Cost of construction

The cost of human resources and building materials differ between residential construction and commercial construction.

Most builders in Odessa, Texas, would charge more for commercial construction than residential construction. This is because commercial constructions require more heavy-duty tasks compared to residential construction and the cost of materials used for commercial construction differs from those used for residential construction.

Types of equipment used

Due to the scale of work involved in commercial construction, more heavy-duty equipment is used than in residential construction.

Equipment like earthmovers, cranes and other heavy machinery are employed for commercial construction, whereas they may not be required for residential construction, depending on the size of the project.

Creativity and customization

Residential constructions allow for lots of creativity and customization of the project to suit the owner’s taste. On the other hand, commercial constructions have a more rigid design and are not open to customization as much as residential constructions are.

Duration of the project

A shorter project timeline reduces the labor cost of the project for both commercial and residential constructions. Due to the scale of many commercial constructions, it ideally takes a longer time to complete than residential constructions.

However, commercial construction projects are built on a tight plan and, with the aid of investors and more workers on the ground, tend to be completed faster than residential constructions.

Residential constructions take longer because few workers are employed to handle the project, and the owner along the way might alter certain aspects.

Connect with an Odessa Texas Commercial Builder

Although there are bold similarities between the two, these aspects of construction differentiate residential construction from commercial construction.

As professional builders in Odessa Texas, we specialize in different types of construction projects, including commercial, home, and electrical constructions.

Schedule an appointment with us today to get started on your construction project.


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