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Luxury Homes & Construction LLC | Residential Construction in Odessa, TX

Home Restoration and Rebuilding after Fire, Flood, or Other Damage

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Fire, flood, storm and other disasters can cause devastating damage and loss to your home. In times like this, you want to work with a restoration professional that cares about you and your property. When disaster strikes and you require home restoration and rebuilding after fire, flood, or other damage, our team will jump into action to restore your home.

When you reach out to us, we recognize the urgency of the matter, providing quick and timely restoration so you can get back to pre-loss conditions. Wherever your home is in Odessa and the Midland area, our residential restoration service will restore your property so you can get back to your feet in minimal time.

Our Services

Flood Damage Restoration - When water finds its way into your home, taking fast action is crucial to recovery. Our professional team quickly work to put a stop to the damage and restore your home.

Fire Damage Restoration - Damage from a fire can continue even days after the fire. Our restoration team will evaluate the affected area, mitigate the damage, and restore your home to pre-disaster conditions.

Smoke Damage Restoration - After a fire disaster, smoke gets trapped in your home, staining walls, discoloring surfaces, and impacting your health and those of your family. We’ll clean the affected areas and make sure your home is smoke-free.

24/7 Emergency Response - We respond to your call 24/7. We are more than a disaster restoration company. Our goal is to ensure you and your loved ones are safe, after which we work to restore normal conditions.

Storm Damage Restoration - Storm and wind can inflict huge damage on your property. After storm damage, you want to call in the professionals to remove the debris so you can inhabit your home again!

Why Choose Us

  • Fast and 24/7 emergency response.

  • Experience in ensuring quick navigation of the insurance process.

  • Licensed, insured, and bonded team.

  • Team of general contractors, plumbers, electricians, and highly skilled restoration and reconstruction technicians.

Taking You From Damage to Full Recovery

Evaluation - The first step toward recovery. We inspect your property to determine the level of damage and work to be done.

Mitigation - For undamaged or partially damaged properties, we take action to prevent further damage.

Restoration - We work to restore and rebuild your property to pre-damage conditions.

Putting You First

For us at Luxury Enterprises, we put you first. We understand that what you need is more than just a restoration company. With us, you get a team concerned about your safety, happiness and ready to help you out of your difficult situations. We’ll quickly and professionally remove and repair damaged areas.

Throughout the process, from cleanup to filing insurance claims, we’ll stand by you and make sure all aspects are complete 100% to your satisfaction. No matter the type of disaster and the time it strikes, we’ll be there to restore calm to the situation.

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