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Luxury Homes & Construction LLC | Residential Construction in Odessa, TX

Professional Electrician in Odessa, TX

CALL TODAY: 432-803-8403

Do you need the assistance of a residential electrician in Odessa, TX? Luxury Enterprises offers a wide range of residential electrical services to ensure your systems run efficiently and safely.

For years, Luxury Electrical Contractors has been helping homeowners across Odessa and Midland. Founded by Micha Roundtree, Luxury Electrical Contractors is a licensed and insured business with years of experience installing electrical for homes, commercial and industrial properties.

Benefits of hiring for Luxury Enterprises for electrical work

  • Courteous service

  • Longstanding expertise

  • Adherence to the highest safety services

  • Experience working on a wide range of projects

  • Complete projects on time and within budget

We understand the importance of safe and efficient electrical systems and adhere to the highest safety standards. Whether you want to install electrical for a new business, commercial and industrial, or need assistance with residential electrical problems, look to Luxury Homes & Construction, LLC. We can promptly and safely identify any issues with your electrical systems in your home.

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