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Things to Consider When Going Through an Office Renovation

For various reasons, your office space may be due for a renovation. Perhaps, you've gotten bored of the layout, or now have more employees than you previously did. You may even have to carry out a renovation as a matter of necessity, rather than simply a desire for improved aesthetics. When going through the project, there are several things to consider, some of which are:

Employee input

Although you have all the ideas in your head, and are funding the project with your money, it's essential that you get employee input on the matter as you proceed. After all, your choices affect them as much as it will you, perhaps even more.

They probably know the layout better that you, and are likely to have interesting opinions on design if they were in charge. You can talk to them about your renovation goals, gather their suggestions and use them to improve the final design.


Some renovation projects take longer than others. Depending on the extent of the work, certain changes might be required, which will have a direct impact on your professional work activities. As such, you should create a realistic renovation timeline that considers potential snags and other factors. For instance, you can consider the areas of the office you're remodeling, including the items or equipment that have to be shifted around. Consider all these factors to help you optimize the project timeline and have things completed quickly, and with minimum hassle.

Business continuity

Depending on the renovation's purpose, the project duration will differ. This has a direct impact on your employees and office operations.

If you're doing small-scale renovations, you can carry out construction activities gradually in small pockets of space until you have covered the entire office.

On the other hand, big renovations will clearly disrupt business operations, so you may have to consider granting your employees leave to work remotely or rent temporary office spaces. Unfortunately, closing down operations, even temporarily, isn't a viable option. As an alternative, you can limit the renovations to holidays or weekends to minimize disruptions.

Office requirements

As you're undertaking a renovation, it stands to reason that you're seeking for improvements. Therefore, there will be certain features required in the final result, specific needs that the new office space will address.

Some of these considerations include additional chairs or workstations, collaboration zones, and break rooms. It is essential that you consider these requirements as you go on with the renovation plans.


Like any other construction project, your budget is one of the most essential considerations. The size of your budget determines the extent of the renovation, including the design styles to be potentially executed.

A professional contractor

To get the job done, you need a contractor with experience and a penchant for quality. Hire a contractor that can work with you to bring your design ideas into life and make your office more welcoming and productive for staff and clients. Contact Luxury Commercial Contractors to help with your office renovations today.


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