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5 Top Building Trends of 2023

Building styles and layouts continue to evolve to incorporate practical technologies and other functional changes that affect how we perceive and use the living space. Although trends are primarily synonymous with clothing and fashion, they equally apply to construction and architecture.

We present five of the most popular building trends of 2023, highlighting just why they're popular and why you should adopt them in your construction projects.

Renewable energy

With energy costs rising globally, the impetus is for building constructors to incorporate energy efficiency in their designs. Gas, coal, and other forms of non-renewable energy are fast losing popularity for their high carbon emissions and high costs, prompting people to seek more efficient forms of energy.

As a result, it's fast becoming the norm to see energy-efficient installations. From windows to lighting and HVAC equipment, various installations are selected for their capacity to directly or indirectly reduce energy costs without sacrificing efficiency.

Smart technology

The adoption of smart technology is just one aspect of a global trend propelled by technological innovation in virtually every sphere of life. Smart technology has found a place for itself in the modern workplace, evidenced by its prevalence in residential and commercial architecture today.

Similar to the minimalist, modernist designs of architecture that combine aesthetics and functionality, smart technology streamlines daily operations by automating repetitive tasks and allowing hands-free control of multiple installations.

Spaces designed for comfort and connection

Another trend with buildings in 2023 is the idea behind designing spaces to reflect social integration. Rather than cordoning off spaces for isolation, there is more emphasis on a softer atmosphere and design that creates space for individuals to interact socially.

This is especially the case in many organizations, with the building design reflecting the need to work optimally without supervision and collaborate while leaving room for social interaction to balance out the stiff demands of work.


Placemaking is when an organization utilizes interior and building design to create spaces that show off the organization's unique identity. These apply to spaces in which people spend their time, such as a work environment, and enhance the overall experience. In 2023, we expect to see the placemaking concept adopted by various organizations in their bid to boost overall productivity and satisfaction.

Flexible and open floor plans

Flexible, open floor plans have recently been at the forefront of building trends, and it's expected that they'll continue to be favored by designers for the foreseeable future. The open, spacious, and flexible floor plans feature fewer walls and partitions, creating a more open space that helps to foster collaboration and communication among team members.

Bring your luxurious building designs to life

The aforementioned building designs continue to trend because they combine innovation, functionality and aesthetics. It's all about combining the sheer power of luxury with functionality without being overly ostentatious. Here at Luxury Commercial Contractors, we can help you actualize those visions. Contact us today to get started.


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