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4 Things You Need Before Starting a Commercial Construction Project

Starting a new commercial construction project demands precise planning by the clients and construction team at every stage.

There are activities to plan throughout the duration of the project, and its eventual success heavily relies on comprehensive planning at the early stages. Here are four things you need before starting a commercial construction project:

A realistic budget

The beginnings of a commercial construction project are exciting and bound to draw enthusiasm from you. You probably have an idea of what you want to achieve and a picture of the final structure in your mind’s eye.

However, you must draw up a practical and realistic budget for your commercial construction project. A financial team can help you consider your project needs to create a workable budget. However, if you don’t have one, you can work closely with a professional commercial contractor to implement cost management strategies.

Some costs to consider include the cost of building materials, manufacturer costs of assembling building materials, insurance, and permits

A location

While this is a very obvious consideration, your location determines the type of construction project you can embark on. You may have a dream location in mind but face permit and budgeting obstacles.

For instance, the authorities might have earmarked your preferred location for a different type of development, making it impossible to secure the necessary permits. Similarly, your budget may not be enough for the construction you have in mind for that particular location.

So, you should be careful when choosing a location. If in doubt, you can contact a commercial contractor for guidance.

Project timeline

Having a fair idea of when the project will be completed is essential. This will depend on various factors, such as when you intend to have the structure ready for commercial use and its exact purpose. Other factors to be considered include logistics, such as the delivery of building materials and the weather. A commercial contractor can guide you on how to set a realistic timeline for your project.


Securing permits is a highly essential aspect of your project planning. Zoning permits dictate the type of structure to build on the land you intend to use, which makes it doubly important to choose the right location.

You need several permits for your project depending on local and state laws, with the permits broadly categorized into two- zoning and building. The zoning permit you acquire will contain details for the divisions and structures of the land, while the building permits apply to the structure's architecture.

What permits do I need for breaking ground on a new building?

The permits required for commercial construction projects depend on your state and county, each with various combinations of permit requirements to be met. They also depend on the type of commercial facility, intended use, location, and more.

Some of the permits needed for breaking ground on a new building include the following:

  • Building permit

  • Site development permits

  • Environmental permits

  • Plumbing permits

  • Electrical permits

  • Signage

  • Historic landmark preservation permits

Additional permits that may be required include the following:

  • Grading Permit

  • Health Permit

  • Soils Report

How long does it take to get building permits in Texas?

As long as the information you provide upon application is clear, detailed, and accurate, permit reviewing and approval can take between four to fifteen for new constructions, depending on the time of the year. Reviewing and securing approval can take longer if your plans are incomplete or your design is unusual.

Hit the ground running on your new commercial construction project

A commercial construction project is a significant undertaking that demands comprehensive preparation. Most importantly, you must secure all the necessary permits for your planned structure to avoid issues with authorities that could cost you further down the line.

At Luxury Commercial Contractors, we can help you navigate this tricky aspect of your project and achieve your commercial construction goals. Contact us today.


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